New Year, New Adventure (aka Welcome to Parenthood)

Hello out there.  It’s 2016.  Wow.  When did that happen?  As you may have noticed, I haven’t written anything in over a year and a half *hangs head in shame*

What’s that?  You want to know where I’ve been?  Well, alright then.  A couple of weeks after my last post (on Easter 2014, to be exact), Hubby and I found out we were going to have a baby *omginsertallthefeelieshere*  My brain immediately went on “baby brain” mode, and has yet to come back to reality.  Seriously, thank goodness for post-it notes because without them, I wouldn’t be able to function, I cannot remember anything, Hubby seriously calls me Dory…hey, look, a fish!


…Where was I…

Right.  We had a baby.  Yay!  Prepare yourself for cute photos, starting….now.

This is Zack.  When he was born, one of his ears was very pointy, so I called him Spock.  Since the day of his birth, he has amazed us with every breath.  He just turned 1 a few weeks ago.  Where has the time gone?!?



We’ve had geeky fun with Zack, taking him to Emerald City Comic Con.  Everyone loved our Han, Leia and Wicket costumes!  Still figuring out what to do this year costume-wise.


I totally meant to write this post January of last year.  Know how I know?  Because I just found my notes in an old notebook!  So today, instead of regaling you with my adventures as a mommy to a one-year old, we’ll go back in time and hear my thoughts of being a first-time mommy to a newborn!  Ready?  Hold on to your bowties! *insert wibbly-wobbly noises here*

…and here we are!

January 2015:

Things they never told you about having a baby:

  • Baby hiccups are the cutest and most terrifying noise you will ever hear.
  • Babies are loud!  Not in the crying sense, but when they sleep!  Zack sounds like a velociraptor chasing a taunton.  Why a  taunton, you ask?  Because he plays both roles in this scenario, alternating between the rasps of the raptor and the bray of the taunton.  All of this happens in his slumber, mind you, while I lay awake terrified, listening, wondering who will win the hunt.
  • Oddest thing of all, I got taller during this pregnancy.  I’ve been 5’2″ for years.  My mom came to visit a few times during the pregnancy (she’s slightly shorter than me), and the last few times, I was definitely looking down on her!  We measured me, and I’m suddenly 5’3.5″!  The air is much thinner up here!

*insert timey-wimey noises here* …back to January 2016!  How’d you all like that little glimpse into my sleep-deprived life?  Zack has grown so much since then!  He now walks, has 8 teeth with more on the way, and loves cuddling AND STILL STARING OVER MY SHOULDER INTO NOTHINGNESS.  Craziness!  He, along with Hubby and I, wish everyone a Happy 2016!



Torchwood (or, the moment I realized I shared the stage with the real Captain Jack Harkness)

I’ve been continuing my quest to become as geeky as possible (I have a ways to go, but I’m enjoying my journey), and as such I’m finally watching Doctor Who and Torchwood. As I have never seen either one, I’m watching them chronologically with each other (i.e. stopping after “Blink” to watch season 1 of Torchwood, then picking up with “Utopia”, and so forth). I’m quite enjoying it so far. I’m up to Season 4 of Doctor Who, and David Tennant is my current favorite doctor. Still waiting to find my favorite companion. Rose is good, I wasn’t a big fan of Martha. I know future companions are other people’s favorites, so we’ll see! I’ve managed to stay rather spoiler-free of future events, aside from knowing when the Doctor regenerates.

minor spoilers ahead…

Back to Torchwood. I definitely enjoy the more adult concepts, and it’s a much darker show. As I wrap up Season 1, I am excited to see how the characters will develop, and if there’s more interaction with the Doctor Who characters. I had a super-OMG moment when I was watching the second to last episode of the season, “Captain Jack Harkness.” In the episode, we meet the real Captain Jack Harkness. As the character came on the screen, I knew I recognized him, but my little brain just couldn’t place him. When I looked it up, I gasped to see that it was Matt Rippy of The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Now, I adore the RSC, and make it a point to go to any of their shows whenever they’re in town. Basically, they take serious topics, like Shakespeare, American History or Sports, and condense them into a play full of hilarity as performed by three guys. Check them out at My favorite show of theirs is their first show, The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged). It’s all 47 of Shakespeare’s plays in 97 minutes, including the sonnets as well (actually, Act II is primarily Hamlet). We performed it in high school (with more than the required 3 actors), and I was hooked ever since. I’ve seen them perform in London, DC (several times), Virginia and Washington. During the Hamlet portion of the show, they break the Ophelia character down into her id, ego and superego using audience participation, which all culminates with one female audience member being pulled on stage to stand in a pool of red light and scream. This had been my dream to do for years (I’m a dork, I know), and in 2010 it finally came true. Hubby and I drove from DC down to Reston, Virginia to see the RSC perform, and I knew we had front row seats, so I was keeping my fingers crossed. I saw the actors eying me throughout the show, and I was ecstatic when one of them pulled me onstage to be Ophelia. Who pulled me onstage, you ask? None other than Matt Rippy. He was awesome (gorgeous blue eyes!) and kept asking me quietly if I was comfortable. I gave him a thumbs up and when my time came, I gave my scream my all. You could hear a pin drop in the theatre. Best. Night. Ever. It made the holiday letter that year. And now it has more meaning now that I know that he is the real Captain Jack Harkness. Swoon.