Happy Video Game Update

I HAVE CONQUERED A LINK TO THE PAST!!! (So what if I’m twenty years late…)

Ocarina of Time, bring it on! 😛


Happy Video Games

Just an update on my video game process…

I did not have video games as a child (I read books!), so I’m slowly catching up on the classics as well as some newer ones.  Currently, I am not up to the point of being able to navigate 3D games (I include Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in this category), so I’m playing the simpler games for practice.  I also have learned that, no matter how sober I am, I cannot walk my character in a straight line.  This leads to much frustration in the realms of bridges!

So: I have completed LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Years 5-7! Yay!!!  I absolutely loved those games, and thanks to the walkthroughs from IGN for helping me though the tough spots!  They captured the books and the movies perfectly, and I enjoyed playing as unexpected characters (such as using Belletrix to fight Belletrix).  I also completed Epic Mickey, and loved all of the nods to the old Disney videos.  I can’t wait for Epic Mickey II to arrive so I can play with Hubby (my main complaint was that the original was not two player).

Back to the LEGO games: I took a hiatus from LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones to play LEGO Harry Potter, so now I’m going back to them.  I’m returning to Indiana Jones first because I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark at the gym (the scene with the big boxer guy getting chopped up by the airplane), and couldn’t not think of the LEGO, less grisly, version.  I’ve unlocked Han Solo, and am quite enjoying tag-teaming between him and Indy for some LEGOy goodness!

Finally, I’m this close to finishing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on Hubby’s original Super Nintendo (note to self: post a pic of our lovely antiquated video game systems).  Now that he has revealed the existence of the Game Genie, this should go by a lot faster!  I have to admit, I was originally against using cheats and codes to finish a game, but for someone who dies as much as I do, I now see the value in them 🙂