Tangled Challenge: The Aftermath

IMG_2613I did it!  I completed my Tangled Challenge!  I ended up changing a few of the tasks to ones I could actually accomplish (sorry, I’ve never made candles before), and I didn’t do everything in the same order as the song (the downstairs neighbors wouldn’t have appreciated laundry and vacuuming at 7am).  My Pascal companion for the day was a dinosaur optical illusion I’ve named Rexy.  Hubby came home at night to take a couple pictures of me, but Rexy’s featured in the majority of the photos.

Yes, I actually did everything.  I didn’t just pose Rexy and take a picture and move on.  The task that took me the longest, aside from the chores, was actually the puzzle.  Rexy tried to help me out as much as he could, but he is a T-Rex and has tiny arms, so that made things a little challenging for him (and for me–it was really hard sewing a dress with tiny arms!).  Enjoy reliving my day!

Slide1My task list for the day.  7am, bright and early!

Slide2Lots of cleaning!

Slide3Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicle’s books are super-awesome futuristic retellings of fairy tales.  The latest book, Cress, came out last week and happens to feature Rapunzel!  Rexy’s enjoying reading it as much as I am.  He’s also helping me paint new shoes for NerdlyGoodness.

Slide4I figured Ocarina of Time’s bombchu bowling was close enough to darts, right?

Slide5Rexy was so proud of the bread he baked!  Though he did take a chomp out of the bread before I sat down to dinner…


Slide7Rexy thought he could help with the sewing, but his tiny army just wouldn’t cut it.  Also, he did not weigh enough to use the sewing machine peddle.  Sorry Rexy!

Slide8Finally me!  I had a lot of fun doing my Tangled challenge, but it honestly took all day long, from about 7am – 9pm (okay, Rexy and I may have had Tangled on in the background, and got distracted watching that in the middle of the afternoon).  I was happy to sit and get to reread my books 🙂