Revenge of the Fifth

Happy (day after) Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day! Isn’t it wonderful when these events coincide? It was a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle (as it is today as well). I spent a lot of it in the car, where I tend to listen to audiobooks or the audio from movies. Yesterday, I of course listened to the film Star Wars. Here was my day: I woke up at 6:30 to take Hubby to work so I could have the car to go to Free Comic Book Day at the local Comic Stop, which is near Hubby’s work. I came home, toodled around, and went back up to meet him at the Comic Stop, as he took his lunch break at 11:30, where we browsed around and received lots of free goodies. Came back home and felt guilty for playing some Lego Star Wars while it was so gorgeous outside. Finally, it was back in the car to pick up Hubby from work at 4. All in all, I listened to (and quoted along with) A New Hope in its entirety during my travels. At least we enjoyed the sun while standing in line outside Comic Stop!

Free Comic Book Day…now with Free Lollipops!

Many websites have been posting their favorite Star Wars quotes. After a super-informal discussion, Hubby and I came up with our own list of top five Star Wars quotes (from any movie).
5) “Sister…so, you have a twin sister” Darth Vader
4) “But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!” Luke Skywalker
3) “The Force will be with you, always” Obi-Wan Kenobi
2) “My hands are dirty too, what are you afraid of” Han Solo
1) “There is another Sky…walk…er…” Yoda

5) “You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!” Obi-Wan Kenobi
4) “No, I am your father” Darth Vader
3) “Yoda. You seek Yoda” Yoda
2) Any R2-D2 bleep, bloop or whistle
1) “We got separated!” Luke Skywalker

My choice #5 goes back to my master’s thesis, where I guest curated a portion of the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit at Seattle’s EMP Museum. I talked about science fiction characters with a prophesied destiny, and titled the section “What if I were the Chosen One?” So, Obi-Wan’s quote worked perfectly, and has stuck with me.

#4 I feel is a given. It was the twist that carved the Star Wars saga into the hearts of nerds for all eternity. Nuff said.

Oh Yoda. Awesome, Yoda is. Whenever I think of quote #3, I want to say “Yoda. You speak Yoda” because I inevitably end up talking like Yoda after watching Star Wars. I mean, who doesn’t?

R2-D2 is my favorite character. He’s so cute and noble and funny, with a hint of sass. That’s saying a lot for a robot who only speaks in bloops and whistles. I need to work on my whistling skills to keep up with him!

Finally, quote #1. I just love this quote. Whenever I hear it, I imagine the subtext. Of course Luke and Leia got separated…at birth!

Hubby and I did agree on an honorable mention quote:
“I love you.” “I know.”
During the course of the day, we managed to have this conversation on Facebook:

In other news, Hubby and I finally finished the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Wow! What an amazing finale (no spoilers, I promise). I don’t know how kids can watch this show–it’s so sad and violent at times! I admit to crying when characters die throughout the series. I loved how they wrapped up the Ahsoka arc. It would be wonderful if JJ Abrams could find a way to bring her back for Star Wars VII.