I totally work at Warehouse 13

I currently work in a history museum with their collections. The museum recently completed a move to a new location, so I’ve been helping unpack artifacts, build boxes, and find happy places on the shelves for them (this includes climbing a lot of ladders, which is a great weight-loss plan; in other news, it’s a good thing I’m not afraid of heights!). I’ve known since I got this job that it was temporary, and it will end January 31st. While I’m sad to go, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to expand my skills and work with such wonderful people.

When I first got the job, friends asked if it was like working at Warehouse 13. Yes. Yes it is. As one walks down the aisles of artifacts, it is not hard to imagine some of them having superpowers or curses. I wonder what powers a doll with three faces would have? Or a beloved stuffed gorilla? Or a zither?

This brings me to music. I often listen to music on my iPhone as I’m pushing carts down the aisles and climbing ladders, mainly soundtracks. Obviously, appropriate music for walking through museum collections include Indiana Jones and Warehouse 13 soundtracks. However, with only a week of work left, I’m on a quest for new music to listen to, so I put it out to you, Internet: what music would you listen to while working in museum collections? Leave a comment with your suggestions, and I’ll check them out!

I received this scratch on my arm while putting away a clock a few days ago. What would happen to me if I was on Warehouse 13? Is my blood full of chroniton particles or something? 😮