Quick writing update

Disclaimer: I wrote this post on May 31 (today is September 1) and just found it in my drafts folder. Oops! Since writing this, I have finished Buffy (I have no words. Joss Whedon is god of the geeks. Sigh.). Okay, back to your regularly-scheduled blogging attempts.

Hubby and I took a road trip through California a few weeks ago. It seemed to turn into a “how many different wacky water fountains can I drink out of?” kind of trip (see evidence below).

Anywho, during our long drives on I-5, we were talking about our respective writings, and I had a super-major breakthrough about the main conflict in my story 🙂 Not saying what it is yet, but I’m delving in with renewed gusto!

Update over, please enjoy your weekend. Here is your Hubby-ism (rather than Katherineism) for the day:

Setting: Watching Buffy episode “Tabula Rasa”, up to the opening credits

Me: Wait, is going to be like that episode of TNG where everyone loses their memories and tries to create new relationships with each other based on where they are and who they’re with? What’s the name of that episode again?

Hubby: *deadpans* I don’t remember.

ImageAt the Exploratorium

ImageAt the Charles Paddock Zoo


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