WriteWriteWrite (and draw pictures too!)

Work update: I’ve been rehired at my museum to pack up textiles and furniture to move to a new location.  Yay!  I start back up tomorrow, so I’ve had the past week to work on my NaNoWriTriMo novel.  As the novel takes place on a floating island, Hubby has insisted that I hurry up and finish playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time so I can move on to Skyward Sword, which also has a lot of floating islands.  Thus, most of my week off has been trying to accomplish this feat, alas to no avail.  Ganandorf is not a nice guy, as I’m sure you all know, and I’m having issues beating him *cough Forest Temple cough*.

Needless to say, I haven’t done as much writing as I had hoped this past week.  My upcoming commute of an hour+ each way will hopefully allow for more writing time (though I have received some books to review, so look for those here soon as well).  But I will share some lovely map sketches of the island of Upari.  Question: if you were a floating island, would you rather be one singular island, or broken into pieces?



One thought on “WriteWriteWrite (and draw pictures too!)

  1. flandriaman says:

    My inner island would definitely prefer being broken up into smaller pieces!

    I have something similar in mind for my second book (that is, if the first one ever gets published… wait, make that ever gets finished and gets published) — floating temples — and have spent many happy a minute musing on how one would get from one temple to the other.

    The fun writers have… 😉

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