End of an era

A few days ago, I completed something I should have done 12 years ago: I watched the last episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed Voyager when it first aired, but alas I did not have control of the remote in the house, so I didn’t get to see past season 3 or so. Fortunately, Hubby is a huge Star Trek fan, like me, and we’ve been watching Voyager together. He (like a good Hubby) refused to tell me what happened at the end of the series, who got back to Earth, etc. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. I had vaguely recalled hearing that not everyone made it back, so as we were having a marathon of the last few episodes, I had that in the back of my head. I do read Star Trek comics, so this conversation occurred:

Me: So-in-so DOES make it back to Earth!
Hubby: Are you sure about that?
Me: He/She/It is right here in this comic!
Hubby: *facepalm*

Unlike Battlestar Galactica, which took me months to pull up the courage to watch because I knew that would be the end of it, I was peacefully calm about watching the end of Voyager. It tied up everything quite nicely, and the whole series didn’t turn out to take place in the Holodeck *ahem, Enterprise*. It was nice seeing the nods to the other Star Trek shows at the end, with the Enterprise and Defiant escorting Voyager home. Yes, I will admit that there were tears, but not tears of sadness, like when I watch BSG (which I recently did for my thesis and bawled again), but tears of happiness. I’m debating if the next series we watch all of the way through should be the Original Series or Deep Space Nine–I’ve seen most of both series’, but Hubby hasn’t seen all of TOS. Choices, choices…

In other, not quite related, Star Trek news, I’m still deciding how I feel about JJ Abrams directing Star Wars VII. I absolutely love his Star Trek. No matter how many times I watch it, I will cry in the beginning. My gym was showing it in their cardio room, and let’s just say that it’s a good thing that it’s dark in there, else everyone would see that it wasn’t just sweat on my cheeks! But I digress… I’ve been impressed with what JJ Abrams material I’ve seen so far (note to self: continue watching Alias!), so I have high hopes that he will do Star Wars justice, especially as he is a big fan of the original trilogy. Finger’s crossed!


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