Designing flags for the Lunar Chronicles

Here are my entries for the Design a Flag contest for Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicle’s book series ( Please enjoy my mad construction paper skills!  Thanks!

The United Kingdom: the Canadian flag meets the Union Jack

The Eastern Commonwealth: A mashup of the zen countries–Nepal, Japan and China

The African Union: The lush continent of Africa surrounded by the desert and blue ocean


Mario Kart

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am relatively new to the world of video games. I never had Nintendo or anything growing up. Now, I’ve played Mario Kart since college, and I readily admit I’m not all that good. However, it had been a couple of years since I had played when Hubby and I picked it up a few nights ago. We were on the first level when I passed the finish line and exclaimed, “Oh, I won!”. Silence. “Wait, there’s another lap to go, isn’t there?”. Hubby nodded, laughing. I fortunately got some mushrooms and was able to pull off a respectable third place.

The Hobbit

When I was in middle school, someone gave me a box set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I tried reading The Hobbit, and just couldn’t get past page nine with all of the dwarf names. In recent years, I thought about trying again, but grad school got in the way. Now, with the movie coming out, I am determined to actually read and finish the book! I’ve made progress: I am now on page 57 🙂 (though I’m pretty sure I saw Dopey or Stealthy in the list of dwarves somewhere). I have to thank A Song of Ice and Fire for helping me out. I haven’t seen the show, but I’ve read the first two books so far, and was able to reasonably keep up with most of the characters (though I stopped caring about the minor knights early on). This made the list of dwarves look like a cakewalk!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress!