Repotting Mandrakes

This is your friendly reminder to repot your Mandrakes before the winter thaw.

Who knows if you’ll need them by the end of Spring term.




New Year, New Adventure (aka Welcome to Parenthood)

Hello out there.  It’s 2016.  Wow.  When did that happen?  As you may have noticed, I haven’t written anything in over a year and a half *hangs head in shame*

What’s that?  You want to know where I’ve been?  Well, alright then.  A couple of weeks after my last post (on Easter 2014, to be exact), Hubby and I found out we were going to have a baby *omginsertallthefeelieshere*  My brain immediately went on “baby brain” mode, and has yet to come back to reality.  Seriously, thank goodness for post-it notes because without them, I wouldn’t be able to function, I cannot remember anything, Hubby seriously calls me Dory…hey, look, a fish!


…Where was I…

Right.  We had a baby.  Yay!  Prepare yourself for cute photos, starting….now.

This is Zack.  When he was born, one of his ears was very pointy, so I called him Spock.  Since the day of his birth, he has amazed us with every breath.  He just turned 1 a few weeks ago.  Where has the time gone?!?



We’ve had geeky fun with Zack, taking him to Emerald City Comic Con.  Everyone loved our Han, Leia and Wicket costumes!  Still figuring out what to do this year costume-wise.


I totally meant to write this post January of last year.  Know how I know?  Because I just found my notes in an old notebook!  So today, instead of regaling you with my adventures as a mommy to a one-year old, we’ll go back in time and hear my thoughts of being a first-time mommy to a newborn!  Ready?  Hold on to your bowties! *insert wibbly-wobbly noises here*

…and here we are!

January 2015:

Things they never told you about having a baby:

  • Baby hiccups are the cutest and most terrifying noise you will ever hear.
  • Babies are loud!  Not in the crying sense, but when they sleep!  Zack sounds like a velociraptor chasing a taunton.  Why a  taunton, you ask?  Because he plays both roles in this scenario, alternating between the rasps of the raptor and the bray of the taunton.  All of this happens in his slumber, mind you, while I lay awake terrified, listening, wondering who will win the hunt.
  • Oddest thing of all, I got taller during this pregnancy.  I’ve been 5’2″ for years.  My mom came to visit a few times during the pregnancy (she’s slightly shorter than me), and the last few times, I was definitely looking down on her!  We measured me, and I’m suddenly 5’3.5″!  The air is much thinner up here!

*insert timey-wimey noises here* …back to January 2016!  How’d you all like that little glimpse into my sleep-deprived life?  Zack has grown so much since then!  He now walks, has 8 teeth with more on the way, and loves cuddling AND STILL STARING OVER MY SHOULDER INTO NOTHINGNESS.  Craziness!  He, along with Hubby and I, wish everyone a Happy 2016!


Emerald City Comic Con: A Recap

Phew! I think I (and by that, I mean my feet) have finally recovered from this year’s Emerald City Comic Con. Hubby and I had a blast, as usual. This was our third year attending ECCC, so we’ve become accustomed to the crowds and looooong lines of waiting. I also enjoyed debuting my Redshirt shoes (thanks everyone for voting on the design, btw!):


The R2-D2 shoes were very sleepy after the Con, though:


We had a blast meeting our favorite stars from Star Trek, Firefly and Buffy*, however, my favorite moment was meeting Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton (wife of Wil). Bonne is an author, journalist and geek craft extraordinaire. These lovely women have created #VandalEyes, which basically involves putting googlie eyes in the most awesome of places. They teamed up with Espionage Cosmetics to create some even more awesome VandalEyes nail wraps (which I’m kicking myself for not getting, but I opted for the Star Trek ones instead since they matched my Redshirt shoes–see above).

[Sidebar: As previously mentioned, I have created an Etsy shop for my super nerdy shoes and jewelry called Nerdly Goodness. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled post.]

Anywho, I was super-excited to show off my R2-D2 shoes to Bonnie and Anne. They both loved them, and Bonne even took a picture that she then both Tweeted and Instagramed (can I use Instagram as a verb? Maybe it has two m’s…). I also got to chat with Bonnie a bit about crafting in general and she gave me some great tips about chain mailling (use gloves!). It’s so weird: I’ve become accustomed to “meeting”** celebrities at Cons and remembering that they’re normal people too and being able to have conversations with them, so it was odd for me to have such a giddy reaction to talking with Bonnie. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the weekend, ask Hubby.

*Hubby was in heaven as Eliza Dushku loved his Smallville jacket

**meeting = A 5-second fly by while you smile and have your picture taken and have possible hand contact. Autographs are a 20-30 second interaction.

The Last of the Lost Missions


Hubby and I just (as in, in the last 20 minutes) finished watching the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix.
***SPOILERS AHEAD (but you probably assumed that already)***

Yes, I know the final season came out *gasp* more than a week ago, but we were pacing ourselves by watching one story arc at a time, in between finishing season 6 of Deep Space Nine, which I had somehow never seen (that’s another story). Anywho, tonight was the night for the final four episodes of Clone Wars. I. Have. No. Words. (But I’ll try to come up with some anyway).

As I posted on Twitter, “The Sith’s about to hit the fan!” The entire season was wonderful, but Yoda’s arc truly was a gem to finish out the series. I had goosebumps the entire time, and got a positive shiver down my back when Qui-Gon first spoke. The lightsaber fight scenes were incredible. There is another Skywalker. *Squee* Did anyone else want the Priestess to give Yoda a Heart Container after he defeated Dark Yoda/Yoda-Gollum? It was very Legend of Zelda-meets-Lord of the Rings!

And I swear, R2 is the best secret-keeper in the galaxy! He’s been everywhere (Even to the Sith homeworld! And to Dagobah! Dagobah, I say!), seen everything, and never tells a soul! Lily and James Potter should’ve hired him as their Secret Keeper, then Harry Potter would have turned out much differently! Finally, I’m so glad I always look at the voice talent during the credits; I want to go back and watch Darth Bane all over again just to see if I can pick out that it really is Mark Hamill (who is an amazing voice talent in his own right).

While the Clovis arc wasn’t the strongest (mostly because I had to Google who Clovis was because it had been so long since I’d seen his episodes), I really liked seeing the dark jealous side of Anakin come to fruition as it has been emerging for the last season or two (the music definitely didn’t hurt too). This show really helped bridge the gap between Episodes II and III with Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side. The only thing I wish was hinted at was the *ahem* first inklings of Luke and Leia, since Padme’s already pregnant by the time Episode III starts.

So now I’m sitting here decompressing and processing the end of the series. I don’t think I’ve had this visceral of a reaction since the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, and those were more of the bawling sort. This was dry-eyed and contemplative. Unlike in BSG and B5, we, as viewers, know what’s going to happen to the majority of these characters in their futures (Ahsoka! Captain Rex! Where are you?), which makes the ending of Clone Wars more interesting. I have a sudden urge to both reread the Dawn of the Jedi comic series and watch Episode III at the same time. Then I will start Clone Wars all over again.

May the Force be with us all.

Playing the last note on the Ocarina

According to this lovely blog, I started Ocarina of Time sometime soon after July 24, 2012 (when I finished A Link to the Past).  Last week, after recuperating from The Tangled Challenge, I finally swung my last sword blow to the beast.  Here’s how it went down:

Me: (after beating Ganondorf in Ganon’s Castle and barely refraining from throwing the remote in the air) I did it!  I beat Ocarina of Time!

Hubby: No, you didn’t.

Me: Yes I did!  I killed Ganondorf!

Hubby: It’s not over.  Follow Zelda.

Me: (deflated) Oh no…

Now, I love Hubby with all of my heart, but sometimes he can be a bit too helpful.  Once I made it out of the castle and was faced with Ganon (I’m still confused as to what the difference is between Ganondorf and Ganon), he insisted that I use the Biggoron’s sword (which I insist on calling the Big Gorram Sword) to kill him.  Okay, can do!  I kept whacking at Ganon until Zelda told me to come get the Master Sword.  “No, sweetie, keep using the Biggoron’s sword, it’s more powerful,” Hubby insisted.  “But Zelda wants me to retrieve the Master Sword,” I reply between sword swings.  After several long minutes of watching me play and not really getting anywhere, Hubby googles the game, and admits that I was right and I do need to use the Master Sword to finish of Ganon for good.  I win, and collapse with sore fingers from clutching the sweaty controller.

With Ocarina finally under my belt, I put up an informal Facebook poll to determine if I should venture into Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword next.  The results were unanimously Twilight Princess.  However, Skyward Sword involves a floating island, like my NaNoWriMo novel, so I decided to go against public opinion and try it out first.  I’ve just got to the first temple, and I have to say that I am definitely enjoying it so far!  I’m definitely finding the controls easier since I am more familiar with the Wii than classic Nintendo.

This all being said, I’ve also been having with my chain mail.  I created a Triforce pendant as a prototype.  This will end up on my Etsy site NerdlyGoodness soon, but I want to try it again with smaller rings.  This version looks pretty sweet lying down, but it loses its shape a bit when worn as a necklace. 

Tangled Challenge: The Aftermath

IMG_2613I did it!  I completed my Tangled Challenge!  I ended up changing a few of the tasks to ones I could actually accomplish (sorry, I’ve never made candles before), and I didn’t do everything in the same order as the song (the downstairs neighbors wouldn’t have appreciated laundry and vacuuming at 7am).  My Pascal companion for the day was a dinosaur optical illusion I’ve named Rexy.  Hubby came home at night to take a couple pictures of me, but Rexy’s featured in the majority of the photos.

Yes, I actually did everything.  I didn’t just pose Rexy and take a picture and move on.  The task that took me the longest, aside from the chores, was actually the puzzle.  Rexy tried to help me out as much as he could, but he is a T-Rex and has tiny arms, so that made things a little challenging for him (and for me–it was really hard sewing a dress with tiny arms!).  Enjoy reliving my day!

Slide1My task list for the day.  7am, bright and early!

Slide2Lots of cleaning!

Slide3Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicle’s books are super-awesome futuristic retellings of fairy tales.  The latest book, Cress, came out last week and happens to feature Rapunzel!  Rexy’s enjoying reading it as much as I am.  He’s also helping me paint new shoes for NerdlyGoodness.

Slide4I figured Ocarina of Time’s bombchu bowling was close enough to darts, right?

Slide5Rexy was so proud of the bread he baked!  Though he did take a chomp out of the bread before I sat down to dinner…


Slide7Rexy thought he could help with the sewing, but his tiny army just wouldn’t cut it.  Also, he did not weigh enough to use the sewing machine peddle.  Sorry Rexy!

Slide8Finally me!  I had a lot of fun doing my Tangled challenge, but it honestly took all day long, from about 7am – 9pm (okay, Rexy and I may have had Tangled on in the background, and got distracted watching that in the middle of the afternoon).  I was happy to sit and get to reread my books 🙂

Etsy’s NerdlyGoodness

R2-D2 Shoes

Last month I started up an Etsy site called NerdlyGoodness.  So far, I have exciting geektastic shoes, juggling balls and bell toys on there, and I’m working on the next pair of shoes now.  It all began last year when I made a pair of R2-D2 shoes, seen above, and wore them around town.  Everyone I met said I should sell them, so now I am 🙂 The juggling balls/bell toys came about over Christmas when I made a pair of Pokeball bell toys for my brother’s cats (aptly named Ash and Gary).

Navi Golden Snitch Pokeball

I have a third area of crafting I’m currently working on and will share soon (but I can’t tell you yet because I’m making something for my Mom, and she reads this blog 😉 ).

Check out NerdlyGoodness at:

Or on Facebook at:

That being said, it’s time for a vote: I’m working on a pair of black glitter flats that I’m modeling after Star Trek: The Next Generation’s uniforms.  Which design below do you like better?  Or should I do a combination of the two?  Enjoy my mad coloring skills!


TNG Shoes